Talent. Influencers. Creators.

With deep roots in the travel community spanning decades, Odyssey works closely with worldwide talent to build and grow campaigns aligned with brand and story goals. We cultivate relationships with talent from digital creators to traditional celebrities, strategically casting them in our projects.

Introducing Odyssey Creators™
A network of influencers & content creators focused solely on tourism

Discover Your Perfect Creator

You want a creator who is passionate about what makes you truly special, that DNA unique only to you. And you need that creator to be a reflection of the kind of visitor your destination can satisfy.

Our network makes it simple to find perfect fit.

Match Creators With Audience Targets

No more guessing whether or not this creator will resonate with your target audience. We match your perfect audience with their perfect creator. It’s like they were born for each other.

Utilize Data

Even the best educated guess is still a guess. We track every point of data that matters to ensure you have clear visibility on what’s working, and what can be reworked.

Engage Better

We all know content marketing is a long game. With the right content creator creating the right content, engagement will grow, and so will heads in beds.