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Odyssey’s digital and social teams create scroll-stopping content that’s discoverable wherever travelers are found, ensuring your content is in front of consumers when they are ready.

“Entertainment is consumed differently than advertising. It’s voluntary. Amplification is the silver bullet to getting eyeballs.”

Brand Partnerships & Sponsorships

No good story is ever told by one team. We’re proud to have worked alongside some fantastic, brave, creative companies.

Compelling Content Platforms

We are platform agnostic, always looking for the best one for the job. That being said, we have developed our own platforms that deliver amazing content.

Places.Travel is our hub for all things travel. From articles, to podcasts, to series, to short films, we have created a place for amazing stories to live on forever.

Produced in partnership with Brand USA, GoUSA is the travel content channel for series, documentaries and more. Watch anytime, anywhere, on Smart TVs and all your favorite devices including XUMO, Samsung TV Plus, Plex, MiTV, Rlaxx TV, VIDAA, FreeCast, MX Player, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast and Android TV.

Scroll-Stopping Social

From the perfect pin to surreal reels to toks that tik, we craft extraordinarily engaging social posts tailored to the platform and audience. We understand, from decades of experience, that social platforms evolve, often rapidly, and new platforms rise by presenting users with innovative ways to consume content. Leveraging mainstream and emerging social platforms along with a broad set of targeted content types, we’re able to engage with existing consumers while building the audiences of tomorrow.

Differentiated Digital Promotion

When it comes to digital media, it’s not just about traditional digital channels. It’s about evolving methodologies and amplifying media plans to include targeted and engaging ads/pre-roll with programmatic strategies, featured placements and pre-roll on streaming channels, dynamic native content, as well as earned media efforts across print, tv, radio and influencer outlets. Only through multi-pronged media strategies, can your content cut through the ocean of content and garner the desired results.

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