[REPORT] YouTube’s Rising Dominance As A Streaming Platform For TV Series and Movies

Dec 5, 2022


How YouTube Is Transforming Film And TV Streaming

YouTube is one of the oldest names in online video. Traditionally, YouTube was associated with amateur video creators and influencers. While YouTube continues to dominate in these domains, the platform has also set out to provide access to major film and TV series. Here at Odyssey Studios, we’ve put together a comprehensive report, compiling and analyzing data on the changing role of YouTube in light of their streaming services’ evolution. 

YouTube Has Entered The Streaming Sphere

YouTube is now competing with top streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ by expanding their streaming services. YouTube’s popularity as a streaming service is taking off, which in turn has increased YouTube’s value when it comes to advertising. In the report, we walk through how many users are watching TV on their home televisions, which TV series and films are most popular on the platform, as well as how YouTube’s watch hours compare to other major streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. 

The Platform’s Advertising Potential Is Transforming

The most important takeaway for businesses is that YouTube’s potential is expanding. The platform is no longer only reserved for the lowest level of your marketing funnel. In this report, we walk you through different advertising options you can consider, from creating your own original content to advertising on some of the most popular TV shows and films.  

Evolving Technology Is Changing How Viewers Consume

Starting in 2019, there has been a huge spike in viewership through connected TVs. This upward trend is only continuing to progress. Much of this is likely due to the development of technology intended to make viewing YouTube on a connected TV easier than ever before. Smart TVs are becoming the norm, and even older TVs can easily be turned into smart TVs via devices like Roku or Google Chromecast. This, combined with an effort to improve the native YouTube app on Smart TVs, is leading consumers to depend increasingly on YouTube as a source for all of their entertainment needs. 

For businesses that want to remain competitive, it is important to stay on top of marketing trends to ensure that you are maximizing your marketing ROI. If you want access to the latest data on this critical streaming platform and learn how to capitalize on these changes to grow your company, check out our report today!

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