Odyssey Studios Debuts an Impressive Array of TV Series Taking Audiences Where They Want to Go

Oct 4, 2022

Odyssey Studios’ “Amplify” Continues, While Announcing New Series’ “Artivism” and “Meet My Abuela,” And The Season One Outside TV Hit “Venturing Out: Park2Park” Charts Course for Season Two

(Los Angeles, CA—October 24, 2022) Odyssey Studios, a Miles Partnership Company, provides the opportunity to inspire travelers to do just that…travel.  In a world where audiences are clamoring to hit the road again, take to the skies and venture out. Odyssey Studios 2022-23 slate of original TV programming is jam packed with returning favorites “Life’s Rewards” on Amazon Prime and “Amplify,” while offering a new hope with the launch of “Artivism” and “Meet My Abuela.”

From the wildly popular “Venturing Out: Park2Park” originally airing on Outside TV (which has been seen by more than 45 million viewers) that will find      a new home on VIZIO WatchFree+, to the award-winning Amazon Prime series “Life’s Rewards” with its second season of this specially crafted dramady having just launched this spring on Amazon Prime, Odyssey Studios is always listening to what audiences want to see and experience. One of their most anticipated upcoming shows is “Artivism” bringing together socially driven leaders, activists, artists, and influencers to create something bigger and something better, to inspire and encourage. And its next series launch “Meet My Abuela,” which brings bilingual families into homes everywhere, debuting      its first season on VIX and now available on VIZIO WatchFree+,  Day and Hispanic Heritage Month.

Odyssey Studios provides programing on multi-level platforms, through truly unique storytelling lenses.

After a groundbreaking season one of “Life’s Rewards”in 2021 at the Sunscreen Film Festival, and then becoming a breakout binge worthy Amazon Prime series, its sophomore season offers an engaging anthology. “Life’s Rewards”season two follows Jared Wofford (Crackle’s “StartUp,” Facebook Watch’s “Queen America,” AppleTV+ “Swagger,” BET’s “American Soul”), a multi-faceted actor, writer/producer steadily making a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Seemingly all-knowing Jared has all the answers for those around him – but what about when it comes to his own life? As he embarks on his own dream of opening his own business, he soon realizes how life is far more complicated. Between finances, love, friends, and his estranged daughter coming to live with him, Jared will be tested in ways that not even the Navy could have prepared him for. Will he be vulnerable and allow others to help, or will his pride get the best of him?

Next up in 2022, debuting in September on VIX channels and now available on VIZIO WatchFree+, “Meet My Abuela” (“Conoce a Mi Abuela”) is all about celebrating the Latin-American culture and its center – the Abuela. In this series, young Latinos and Latinas introduce their significant others to their Abuelas… and the only opinion that matters is Abuela’s. Will she approve or won’t she? We turn this age-old process of familial judgment into a snappy dating game, layered with culture, age, and comedy. In each episode, we meet a new familia and a new setup for the question – will Abuela’s love for you translate to the one you love?

Following two successful seasons on Amazon Prime, a new season of “Amplify” is in development with a 2023 launch focused on the musical roots in Louisiana. “Amplify” is a fascinating non-scripted lifestyle series where musicians explore communities to rediscover music’s roots, history and resiliency… all on a mission to highlight the resiliency of the human spirit and explore the unifying power of music in the people and place that shaped their lives. The first two seasons included debuting in Rogers, Arkansas with award-winning songwriter & producer Kenny Lamb (he’s written for *NSYNC, Take 5, Aaron Carter and Rhett Atkins, etc.) and musicians Barrett Baber (NBC’s “The Voice”), Sierra Carson and Caleb Enyart; and then heading to Texas with Summer Dean in Lubbock, Lou Charles in Houston and Phanie Diaz in San Antonio.

With a new home on VIZIO WatchFree+, season two of hit series “Venturing Out: Park2Park” will up the ante as our host launches the season in southern Utah deep into incredible winter sports. Following this exciting excursion, we’ll then travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands to adventures unknown on St. Croix.

Debuting next year is the new series “Artivism”for Facebook Watch and YouTube directed by Ya’Ke Smith (his award-winning films “WOLF,” Brother” and Edwin” have received worldwide acclaim from the Director’s Guild of America, Student Academy Awards, HBO and Showtime, among others), and hosted by Cuban-Lebanese artist and activist Miriam Isa (E! News, ESPN Deportes, Telemundo, Al Jazeera’s BeIn Sport and YouTube’s Clevver Media). “Artivism”merges the places where art and activism collide live with socially minded changemakers, leading movements to ignite a brighter future for their communities and beyond. Socially driven community leaders are working together to carve out positive new spaces in old places. “Artivism”explores beautifully broad-minded destinations by way of fierce, fascinating changemakers who work at the intersection of truth and hope. Every episode explores a community of activists, leaders, artists, and influencers as they create, perform and/or produce experiences that demystify identity, uncover history, and celebrate diversity.

“We believe the best way to engage today’s travel-focused audiences is to craft content people want to experience themselves and can see themselves in. Our hope is to energize audiences to explore our country in new, different and deeply authentic ways” says Ryan Thompson, Senior VP, Odyssey Studios.

About Odyssey Studios:

Odyssey Studios, a Miles Partnership company, develops and produces films and television series showcasing travel destinations with a focus on entertaining and engaging storytelling. Having produced nearly 5,000 videos and visual storytelling assets for the tourism industry over the last decade, Odyssey Studios’ is the premiere team for creating engaging, adventure tourism-adjacent content for streaming, linear and digital/social channels. Our success lies in our collaborative and forward-thinking approach to development and production.

Our studio team is led by the following heads of studio:

  • Ryan Thompson: Senior Vice President at Miles Partnership, Entrepreneur and President of Odyssey Studios. Ryan is a serial entrepreneur with 20 years in marketing including 14 in travel marketing.
  • Jordan Wollman: Vice President of Brand at Miles Partnership, Creative Director and Head of Studio Creative for Odyssey Studios. Jordan started working in advertising at the age of 16 and took advantage of his entrepreneurship by starting several businesses, including an award-winning, nationally recognized creative agency by age 22.
  • Brianne Maciejowski: Vice President at Miles Partnership, Executive Producer and Head of Business & Operations for Odyssey Studios. Brianne started working in the film business in NYC in 2005 on a Robin Williams film, growing from art coordinator to art director to writer/producer. In 2012, she began developing and building Miles’ video team.

For all series, we follow COVID guidelines that align with industry standards.


Media Contact:

Annie Jeeves / Ph: 310-995-3834

E: annie@cinematicredpr.com

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