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Cheat Meal is a culinary venture crafted to awaken your food cravings!

In today’s food-centric world, Cheat Meal caters to the foodies and their chef, the destinations, are ready to serve them only the best they have to offer.

The gains from these cheat meals? Content that engages viewers across platforms and keeps them coming back to feast.

The food culture across America continues to thrive. In each episode we discover new food finds and chat with Chef Cliff Crooks.


TYLER and MONICA are the ultimate food adventurers who believe in the healing power of a good Cheat Meal. They’ve taken to the road to deliver over-the-top, life-affirming Cheat Meals to the people that deserve them most.

Each episode they meet their Cheat Meal recipient, find out their likes and dislikes, then “research” the coolest local eateries.

From iconic spots and quirky cafes to breweries and pizzerias, they’ll dive into the local food scene to craft an unforgettable Cheat Meal.