[REPORT] The Streaming Platforms Landscape

Apr 12, 2023

The Streaming Platforms Landscape by Odyssey StudiosIN THIS REPORT:

Those in the know, already knew

There’s no argument about the power of streaming platforms. In mid-2022, streaming claimed the largest share of content watched by American households for the very first time. The abundance of streaming services means competitors are churning out fresh content daily. Many consumers now juggle multiple subscriptions to catch their favorites or trending content from social media.

Digital marketers and distribution strategists – Watch out

Streaming services will continue competing for consumer attention, even if they’re fleeting. In the long-term, that can mean unprecedented reach for brands seeking to take advantage of this diverse landscape. As we talk about this landscape, we must first learn how all of these services interact and perform to reach consumers in new, targeted ways. Consumers want flexibility in how they take in their content. Platforms available via apps for mobile or viewing on- the-go are more likely to succeed.

Top Streaming Platforms

Despite a downturn over the last few years, Netflix remains at the top when it comes to total global subscription numbers. If you look at the growth of Subscription Video On-Demand services in the United States alone, many competitors have gained more ground and influence over their audiences.

What matters to viewers?

Consumers are generally overwhelmed by the options available, so they prioritize services when push comes to shove. It’s important to consider one key factor before launching into discussions about whether they like true crime over comedy. Subscribers are most likely to consider cost above anything else, but what else is on their list of priorities? 

For businesses that want to remain competitive, it is important to have a strategy that promotes and distruibutes content of high value. To find out more about viewer consumption and priotizations and your impact on the market, check out our report today!

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